Short-term car rental
  • Services to clients are offered not only in multiannual arrangements but also on short-term.
  • Short-term car rental offers a flexible solution for companies that want to provide convenient and safe transportation for their employees quickly.

Contracting is now simpler than ever - it can be arranged online and by phone and you don't even need to move to pick up the car!

To whom this service is recommended:

  • For companies that need to provide a car for employees only for a few months, it is therefore not worth expanding the fleet, but the cost of a traditional rent-a-car would be too high.

  • For dynamically growing medium-sized companies, where the recruitment of employees using vehicle is continuous. Thanks to the short-term car rental, the new colleagues can start working immediately.

  • For companies working with foreign partners frequently.

  • For companies where so-called key cars are maintained for non-regular tasks at higher costs.

  • For transitional periods: e.g. for project work, in case of founding a new company or for other short-term needs.


  • Fixed monthly fee – the service is predictable and does not include unexpected costs

  • Convenient - the selected vehicle will be delivered within 24 hours of ordering

  • Reliable - providing a full range of fleet management services in the short and medium term


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