Data management policy

Mercarius Fleet Management Ltd. declares on the handling and protection of personal data and information.

Our declaration includes the principles and practical methods by which and with the assistance of which content provisions of Mercarius Fleet Management Ltd. manages and secures the data and information generated about the users. In accordance with and beyond the provisions laid down in Act No LXIII of 1992 and the position statements issued by the data security commissioner of the Parliament our measures warrant the protection of personal particulars. Please read the following paragraphs carefully because by opening the websites and including any and all of the pages accessible from them (hereinafter referred to as: Website) and by accessing the email addresses featured on the Website you shall be deemed to have endorsed the terms and conditions listed and described herein, to have accepted them as binding for yourself.

Personal data

To be able to use some of our services, users are requested to fill in a registration form. Information obtained during the registration process will be managed with utmost consideration and in a strictly confidential manner, no unauthorised access is allowed. Such information must be provided partly for the purposes to take advantage of our services and partly we request our users to provide information in order to get statistical data about them. With their help our services can be augmented in accordance with the interests of our users.

User data

Data concerning physical access to users are collected only when the nature of the service in question renders this indispensable. Any data will only be used for purposes previously approved by the user, and they will not be disclosed to any third party under no circumstances except instances required by the law. Data suitable to reach out to users individually (such as e-mail addresses) will be used only and exclusively for purposes previously approved by the respective user, and they will not be disclosed to any third party under no circumstances except instances required by the law without the prior written approval of the user. Should the extension of our services require so, on certain rare occasions promotional materials are sent to our users. However, users are always offered the opportunity in such cases to refuse acceptance any further additional related materials.


Mercarius Fleet Management Ltd. retains the right to amend this data security statement. Please visit this page frequently for updated information.


We collect and analyse data related to the use of the web site including domain names of visitors, number of visits, pages visited and time spent on the web sites. Such data are collected with the help of cookies. A cookie is a small quantity of data forwarded by our web server to your browser. You decide whether or not to allow the action of the cookies by custom setting your browser. However, enabling cookies makes the use of our site quicker and simpler.

All browsers work differently, please refer to the relevant part of the Help menu item in the browser used in order to change the cookie setting (or the instructions of use for your mobile phone, tablet).

Data management policy

By accepting this Data management policy the user explicitly endorses the data management practices of the Data manager in accordance with the item by item rules incorporated in this Data management policy.

Commercial parameters of Mercarius Fleet Manager Ltd., as the Data manager:
Company name: Mercarius Flottakezelő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Registered seat, mailing address: 1142 Budapest, Komáromi út 36-38.
Company registration number: 01-09-886659
Contact by telephone: +36 1 471-9230
E-mail address:
Data management registration number: in progress

Identification of the data processor

Activity of Perfect Nova Hungary Zrt.:
Identification of data processor: Perfect Nova Hungary Zrt.
The activity provided by the data processing service provider: storage space provision
Contact details of the data processor:

Type of data received by the data processor:

  • data on visits of the web sites and based on Google Analytics
  • name and e-mail of registered users

Period of time the data processor is used: unlimited