Vehicle procurement

We relieve you from all the worries of vehicle procurement. Well prepared consultants assist you in selecting the best choice in every aspect and to optimise costs.

  • In order to facilitate your decision, a test car is ensured to You.
  • There is no unnecessary paper work here. Our clients are served quickly, in a competent and professional way.
  • All necessary administration is carried out for you:
  • the selected cars are ordered,
  • put into traffic circulation,
  • and provided with the necessary documents.
  • You, as a client have nothing else to do but enjoy the perfect outcome and the high level services offered by Mercarius.


Provided your company currently manages a 30 cars fleet “in-house” but you want to be relieved from such burdensome tasks, we assist you to find a solution and do the day to day administration for you. The current state of the fleet, real needs and necessities are assessed. Based on this assessment it will be determined whether or not the fleet could be best served by 20 lower segment and 10 medium segment cars, and you can decide which kind of vehicles you would like to have. We place the order, put the cars into circulation and deliver them.

During consultant services recommendations are made which models would serve the needs best within each segment and which models can be operated most economically, considering the parameters and service requirements of each car model. Based on these considerations we are sometimes in the position to offer more expensive cars to our Customers for a lower monthly fee, provided their operating costs and service requirements are lower.

Before making a decision you can try the vehicles to be selected on a test drive. Delivery of a 30 strong fleet might be concluded more or less in 3 to 4 months in average, from the point in time when you entered the door of Mercarius. However, for this period you will not be left without cars, since our company – in a unique way in the market in this business size – is able to provide you with vehicles of the same category and model for temporary use. In such a case the freshly admitted staff member will be able to start work from day one.