Service and replacement car

We at Mercarius treat cars within the fleets as if our owns, and at least three or four times we even see them on an annual basis: winter and summer tyre replacements and after every 15,000 kilometres run the cars are inspected.

  • Special attention is paid to regularly clean the vents of the air conditioning system, and oil change is accomplished periodically in an appropriate manner.
  • Thanks to continuous servicing our clients might easily have the feeling even after four years as if they sat in a brand new car.
  • All of our service partners is a contracted Bosch service shop, which means that not only the competency of our staff members, but the excellent quality starting materials, parts represent the warranty for proper maintenance of the cars.
  • Only well trained professionals work in the service workshops who carry out maintenance works with the best available technology.


For an average car, the upcoming due date of tyre replacement is indicated to clients twice a year (typically in March and in September). Should you have requested so at the time of contracting, the car is transported to our nearest service station and within a day the vehicle is returned with the replaced tyres on. Additionally, the cars are called in for inspection services twice as frequently as the manufacturer’s instructions, after every 15,000 kilometres run and their technical conditions are checked. For instance, if a part which is more difficult to replace or procure, a replacement car is provided as agreed, as soon as it is confirmed that the repair work may take up to several day. This way you can be absolutely sure that you will not be left without a car.