Residual value

For fleet man and financing arrangements one of the key risk element for the Customer is the residual value and the method of settlement thereof.

Risk entailed in this are realised by the partners in most cases only when the cars are handed back, as it turns out that the residual value is higher than the sale price of the vehicle.

  • Fleet managers tend to calculate with higher residual values, thus making monthly leasing fees lower and more attractive.
  • In our case this is different: there is no settlement against the residual value upon the handover of the cars at the expiry of the contract, the associated risk is assumed entirely by us.
  • With its the flexible and sales construction system unique on the market, Mercarius Fleet Management offers outstanding safety to its Customers: they will be totally relieved from the risks of residual value settlement issues.
  • How this is all achieved? Our Customers are requested to reimburse at the time the cars are turned back only the overrun flat rate price specified at the time of contracting and the accidental damage excesses incurred in the cars due to insurance cases.


The market value of a medium segment Golf or Focus model selected by the client is approximately HUF 2 million after 5 years of service. However, the service provider defined a higher value in the financing calculation in order to allow the offering of a lower monthly fee, provided that if at the end of the term the actual selling price does not reach the calculated residual value, the difference is to be born by the client. Since Mercarius services do not include any kind of residual value accounting, clients do not need to calculated with such risks. Mercarius offers partners a closed end and predictable service.