Insurances (Casco / third party liability insurance (KGFB) / discharge of accidental damage excess)

As a partner to the major insurance companies in Hungary, we are in the position to offer very favourable terms for Casco and liability insurance arrangements.

  • Our basic service package includes a whole Europe full range Casco and the related administration.
  • The amount of the accidental damage excess (own risk) can be determined by you upon contracting.
  • We are able to get better terms for your insurance than that you could achieve yourself by taking out insurance policies one by one for the vehicles.
  • Certainly, our service covers the full range loss adjustment as well. At the same time, Mercarius holds the right for assessment of the claims, therefore our clients do not need to do anything except filling in the reporting form with respect to an insurance case.
  • Own risk can be discharged with the help of the GAP insurance. This way our clients are not exposed to any costs in case of a Casco total loss or theft.


One of the cars in your fleet suffered a minor fender-bender without any personal injury. Following the exchange of the insurance forms, You only need to report the incident to us, send the insurance form and discuss with the insurance claim expert when he or she can inspect the car. From this point on, we manage the issue instead of you. Millions of Hungarian forints can be saved this way on the annual Casco and liability insurance premium in the case of a fleet which consists of 200 vehicles. All Mercarius vehicles are insured, we deal with the matters of more than two thousand cars. As a result of the ten times larger overall size of the vehicle park we can bargain much better prices than you with merely 200 cars.