Highway stickers – fines

Our fleet manager undertakes free of charge to purchase the highway stickers selected for the clients, monitors their expiry dates and renews, supplements them as required.

  • All this happens within the leasing or fleet management arrangements, without any extra charges, so you or your company do not need to deal with these issues any more.
  • Frequently You drive more recklessly with company cars, which may easily result in a fine of several ten thousand Hungarian forints.
  • Speeding, illegal parking or any other petty offence on the road? In return of a minimum administration fee, our firm undertakes to settle the fines as well: we invoice the amount to the company where it can be decided whether or not it is re-invoiced to the user of the car or is deducted from his or her salary.
  • Whether be it a highway sticker or a fine for traffic offences, the point is the same: the services offered by our company cover EVERYTHING, since we do not sell cars to clients, we offer full scale services.


The company has a 100 strong car fleet with 50 vehicles requiring annual highway toll payment by stickers for the entire territory of the country. All this is clarified at the time of contracting and the 50 cars selected by the client are already equipped with the stickers upon delivery and acceptance, and in a year’s time expired stickers are replaced. The respective operators of the 100 vehicles committed a total of 15 petty offences during the year of various severity, the penalty for which is more than a hundred thousand Hungarian forints. Mercarius undertakes settlement of these fines in return of a minimum commission and in all the 15 cases the amount of the fines are invoiced to the client.