Fuel card service

The fuel card most sympathetic for them is provided to our clients free of charge, including all the related electronic services. This way not only a convenient refuelling opportunity is secured but they are granted extra benefits just as well.

  • As part of our service package, MOL, OMV and Shell cards can be requested.
  • Due to the use of the card you can make a statement on the car use on a monthly basis including the consumption rates of the cars within your fleet.
  • Cards can be requested with us and we undertake the guarantee for it, which might be an important factor in the case of lesser enterprises.
  • With the help of these cards statistics can be drawn up on how much each of the staff members used the car. This means an average cost saving of HUF 5 to 7 per each litre of petrol consumed.


You request fuel cards for all the vehicles upon contract award for a fleet of 100 cars. All this represents a cost reduction of merely 1 or 2%, at the same time on the annual level, if you calculate with a total aggregate fuel cost of 84 million Hungarian forints it will mean HUF 1.2 million. Thanks to the online database associated with the cards you may also get a statement on each of your colleagues refuelling for how much and how often.