Early car replacement

We at Mercarius focus intensively on providing outstanding high standard services to clients.

  • It is possible in this spirit – following an agreement arrived at with the client – to replace cars in the fleet before the maturity date with cars of higher standard trims or with newer cars without the necessity to pay penalty or surcharges. A good occasion to this might be the introduction of the new version of the model in question.
  • Certainly, early replacement of the cars must be previously negotiated with the clients in each of the cases when we consider that it is the common interest of both the client and Mercarius.


Our client concluded a four years contract but in year three we have the opportunity to purchase similar cars with higher trim levels. Let’s assume that 30 of the 100 strong is of the same model, and the manufacturer introduced a more recent model with higher trim level in the given year. In the event our client agrees, we exchange the older models with the brand new ones, even with the monthly fee payable remaining unchanged, and thus your fleet consisting of 100 cars will have 30 vehicles which are completely new. Therefore, it can be assumed that in the subsequent period less technical problems will occur.